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Inside of you is a super power!

A heavyweight boxer majoring in physics tells you how to activate it!

Not caring what people think is a superpower that will allow you to get what you want out of life. Most people worry about what others will think, so they suffocate their actions. As a result, they never live up to their potential. 

I've improved my life with these insights. I want to share them with you. 

What's Inside

In my life, I've learned many things the hard way. I break them down so that you can learn them the easy way and get more out of life. At one point I was stealing food just to eat and spent more time hung over than sober.

From the streets, to the boxing gym, to the army, the physics lab and 4 years of sobriety, I've developed true grit and the fighting mindset. I teach it all in his book. 



Become obsessed with working hard. When life becomes a battle of attrition, only those who have learned the value of hard work will be left standing.



The only things you really have control over are your intent and perspective. You get to choose where to place your effort and how you see things. Everything else is beyond your mortal grasp.



Standards allow you to determine what your time is worth. The higher your standards, the better quality you let into your life. This goes for the food you eat, the people you spend your time around and the experiences you have.



Time, Confidence and Sobriety 

The time used going out, the time used drinking, the time it takes to recover: this is time lost that I could put towards my goals. The more of my goals I achieve, the more confident I am. It's a poweful feedback loop. 




The poems teach a valuable lesson about life. Following the poem is an in-depth explanation of the concept or idea expressed. Tough love with a poetic rhythm can have a powerful effect on your soul.

Paradigm Shift


Paradigm Shift

The truth is never complicated. What’s complicated is accepting how simple it really is. Things are not as they appear, nor are they otherwise. A little shift can get you to see the world in a way that maximizes your advantage.

chess strategy


Strategy and Tatics

Strategy without tactics is the long way to the top. Tactics without strategy is entertaining but ultimatly will fail. Learn how to develop a mind for both.



Both men and women are complicated. The difference between men and women is the transparency of our basic motivations. From being madly in love, to desperately single, and everything in between, I help you develop the best relationships you can. 

Insights From A Heavyweight Boxer

Get It And Grow Powerful

What People Are Saying About Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower: Insights From A Heavyweight Boxer..

“A classic guide to self improvement. Says a lot of things in simple ways that make it easy to understand what needs to be done.”

black dude

Luke S.

“I love this book! Ed tells it like it is! I first ordered the kindle edition, and then ordered the paper back for my personal library. 

 Read this book with a highlighter, and take notes.”


Johnny G.

“Actionable advice from someone who walks the walks and gets punched in the face. I learned a lot!”


Ludvig S.

“Great insight from the man Ed Latimore! I bought his book after following him for some time on Twitter. He has great ideas to improve your body and mind. The book is organized in a straightforward manner and helped inspire me to pursue some bigger projects that I had previously put on the backburner. If you love his tweets, you will love his book!.”

Steve Google

Steven R.

These people are taking action and seeing a difference in their lives.

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About Ed Latimore 

Ed Latimore is the mastermind behind Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Super Power: Insights From A Heavyweight Boxer.  

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Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a professional heavyweight boxer, adult physics student and veteran of the United States Army National Guard. Million's of people have learned from Ed's insights and experiences through his writing. He teaches the lessons he's learned via his unique path through life at www.edlatimore.com. 

“The key to being your best self is passion. If you aren’t excited to do something, why should be people be excited to be around you? We’re drawn to people who make a life. We tolerate those content to simply live.

Authenticity is so powerful because it is, by definition, impossible to fake. A person must grow into the best version of themselves, but not change to appease the masses. How does one become their best self but not change? What allows a person to grow authentically?.

Focus on whatever sparks your passion.”