How to Build Confidence

A Pro-Boxer and Physicist Reveals Powerful Confidence Building Methods!

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The Four Confidences

The Four Confidences

By Ed Latimore

Do you lack the confidence to go after what you want in life?

This powerful guide tells you how to be more confident...

Even if you've been nothing but a failure your whole life!

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Confidence is like work experience: you need it to get hired but since you don't have it, no one will hire you. 

You need success to gain confidence, but without confidence it's hard to have success. 

The Four Confidences teaches you how to be confident even if you've never had success. 

Instead of confidence in yourself, you place your confidence in these 4 places while it develops:


Confidence in The Past

At some point in your life, you've done at least one thing right. After all, you're alive. I teach you how to draw confidence from basic tasks and transmute it into something greater.


Confidence in The Instruction

Just because you chose a path that you feel confident in doesn’t mean that you should walk it without a guide. I show you how to pick a teacher that you can feel confident in while you build your own confidence.


Confidence in The Process

If you make a general study of successful people, you will find that they share many of the same habits. I teach you how to place confidence in the processes others have used for success while you build your own


Confidence in The Learning

You know that you can learn because you’ve learned things before. Confidence in learning, more than anything else, is about relying on psychological strength over mental agility. I teach how to build this mental strength.

“Amazing how such a complex concept can be described in such a simple way. I have great confidence you will get something useful from this book.”

Randy Hansen  

A Guide For All Levels

The Four Confidences is for people of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you have moments of doubt. This is the only guide you need to get your mojo back and your head in the game. 



A Book Based On Experience

The Four Confidences is based on cold, hard experience. Not theory. The same way I got confidence in my boxing, mathematical, and social abilities is what I teach here. When I wasn't confident in my self to stay sober, I relied on these techniques to help me stop drinking.

Ed Latimore Super Power Pose

A Word From The Author

“This is a short book that answers the burning question of our time: “How do I build confidence?” What I give you is a way for you to change your mind into a confidence building machine.”

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The Four Confidences


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